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New interior images of Highland Park

This post was published 10 years ago. Please, read this page keeping in mind that this home may have sold by now. You can always check current status by calling or texting (530) 356 4500 The Address Realty DRE # 01710206

Look for yourself. The very newest homes Palomar is building at Highland Park are really worth seeing. Jeb Allen asked me to take some images of the interiors of a couple of the newest ones for their marketing. I expected much, but these interiors really raise the bar. These are the interiors of two of the homes. Click on the image to expand.

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Kitchen at Highland Park in Redding ca
I really love this kitchen with this fabulous Italian Range! You have to see it.

Earlier I posted images of this subdivision in Redding under construction. There are some good mountain views. The home with the kitchen I really like has a good view of Mt Shasta, although yesterday was cloudy. Call us up if you want to see any of these homes.
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