What real estate agents need to know about water wells

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Northstate Realtors need to know a lot about water wells. Outside of our local cities, or the unincorporated areas served by local water districts, a homeowner’s only choice is to rely on groundwater. Modern well systems are not extremely complex electromechanical devices, but like so many things in the world of real estate, the devil is in the details. There‚Äôs a lot to know. On March 9, we were pleased to have a local expert on hand to answer our questions, Michael Colbert of Shasta Drilling.

Michael Colbert of Shasta Drilling

Michael Colbert of Shasta Drilling

What does it cost per foot to drill a well? Where are there problems finding groundwater? What area sometimes has arsenic in the water? How do you sanitize a well? Does water witching work? All things a good local agent needs to know. Often, we are selling property to people who know nothing about water wells. Here is a diagram of a typical well system:
Water well HArdware courtesy of Campbell Manufacturing There is a lot more to water wells than a hole in the ground. We stay abreast of these things to serve our clients more skillfully. Thanks Michael!

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