Sprawling From Grace

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The design and planning of Shasta County and Redding revolves completely around the automobile. Here’s a documentary you can view for free online that examines the implications of this design emphasis for our future in a world where oil will inevitably be increasingly scarce and expensive. Well worth your attention. Are we wasting away our national wealth planning, building, and maintaining, road and city infrastructure for a world that will soon no longer exist?

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Here’s an unnerving observation about the documentary, which was made a while ago apparently. A couple of times they show an image of high gasoline prices to emphasize their point. The supposed “high” prices are under $3 a gallon. Will we ever see $3 gallons again?

The end of oil is predictable, even if the exact timing is unknown. What are the ethical implications of our actions or inaction in planning for that inevitability? Our railroad town of Redding is uniquely positioned for the future. But the planning and resources we continue expend on suburban sprawl seem thoughtless, and ultimately dangerous.

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