This Redding luxury home comes with a rainbow

This post was published 8 years ago. Please, read this page keeping in mind that this home may have sold by now. You can always check current status by calling or texting (530) 356 4500 The Address Realty DRE # 01710206

Or so we are led to believe by the photo. Is it real or is it digital? Does it even matter?
Luxury real estate in redding caEither it was a once in a lifetime bonus moment for the real estate photographer, or it’s a masterful bit of software work. In this digital age, what’s the difference?

We think the defining line can be drawn where digital trickery affects the material value of the subject. A rainbow is an ephemeral weather event. Nobody really expects to see it there when they go to look at this house. Now, let’s say there was also a big high voltage tower in the background, and somehow it was digitally removed. That’s a clearly deceptive use of digital imaging technology that would affect the material value. So, digital rainbows = okay; pastel unicorns = not so much. The line is easier to define, when you look at it that way.
And, any way you look at it, this is a beautiful home.
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The photographer has really done a great job of capturing the essence of this classic Redding luxury home in Stanford Hills, and you can view the rest of the images at the link.

We admire it, if only for the artistry of the photographer. But wait, we can also sell this house to you. If you like awesome, this is that. Described as “Arts & Crafts inspired” in the listing, we think it’s more American Craftsman influenced. But in fact, it’s quite a trendsetting home in and of itself, and no matter what came before. It meets the test.
It’s a 2006 built 5/4 of about 3,930 sqft. and available for $878,000. Representing the interests of the seller is Realtor Chad Phillips of Keller Williams. But if you’d like to see inside, we can make those arrangements for you.
Call or Text (530) 255 4070
We can’t promise you a rainbow, but perhaps there is some truth to the rumor of gold at its terminus. Lets find out together.

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