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Redding real estate newsThe headline screams bad news. Yet it could have just as easily read “Redding homes become more affordable.” Both ways of looking at the story are equally valid. Maybe it’s simply a question of glass half full or half empty, but it seems to be a pattern. I understand bad news sells papers. But it’s frustrating. Our local economy limps and wobbles, and yet it seems often our local newspaper can only kick at it.

I know I’m not alone in harboring a growing frustration at the paper’s editorial direction. And even more so at their website, having seized the very domain name of our community, How it supposedly represents us. Nobody wants the local paper to be a lapdog to small town business interests. But serious question, do you guys even like Redding?

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Yes! We most certainly do like Redding. That’s why we live here. And bought homes here. And feel the pain of still-slumping property values.

I admire the determination to see the bright side — and in fact it is a very good time to buy if you have the job and the down payment to ensure financing at these criminally low mortgage rates.

But we didn’t say people should abandon their homes and head for Canada. I don’t see where we said the trend was good or bad at all. We just reported that home values fell at a rate much higher than average rate. That’s just a fact, no?

But, hey, your mileage may vary. We always welcome letters to the editor from our eloquent and well-informed readers who have a contrary view.

Apparently my letter to the editor arrived just fine. I don’t feel welcome appearing beneath your masthead, having been pilloried by ad hominem attacks from your anonymous goon squad once too often. “We just reported,” you rationalize. “Just a fact.” Well I don’t admire your editorial determination to only show the negative. I feel a balanced view of the facts would have painted the statistical reality just as you did here, a very good time buy. It was never mentioned. It seems to me to be a pattern of behavior. I guess my mileage does vary…

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