Are local home buyers “sitting on the fence?”

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Here’s a big ad that ran in USA Today from the parent company of our brokerage, Coldwell Banker. It hasn’t been our experience that there’s a big pool of buyers just wondering if they should buy a house. But in case there is, please read this, and call us up so we can get you started.
By the way, we’re not finding the term “ample inventory” to apply to our area. At least not in the price range that is most popular. Quite the opposite. See yesterday’s post. All the more reason to work with somebody as dialed into the local marketplace as we are. So call!

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3 thoughts on “Are local home buyers “sitting on the fence?”

  1. Bruce Ross

    Rates are very, low — I got word this afternoon that my refi is approved, so I speak from experience — but man are the underwriters hard-core these days.

    1. Skip@RHB Post author

      If by “hard core” you mean that lenders expect some evidence that they’ll be paid back, yeah, we’ve noticed. Good for you on the refi. Because of the current home valuation situation, a lot of people can’t take advantage of the recent bargain rates. Pretty frustrating. Lower homepayments would free up a lot of local money for other things.

      1. Bruce Ross

        We have roughly 60 percent loan to (greatly deflated) value, no debt and a payment-to-gross-income ratio of less than 20 percent. We still got hassled over $28 book-keeping discrepancies. Oh well, all’s well that ends well.


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