We meet with California State Senator Doug LaMalfa

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Doug LaMalfaTaxYesterday, California State Senator for the 4th District, Doug LaMalfa spoke to local Realtor membership about his perspective on the state’s budget crisis, and took some questions from the members.

Senator LaMalfa is always a welcome speaker at our meetings. His down to earth perspective comes across in his casual speaking style. His frustration with the politics-as-usual types that seem to populate Sacramento is evident. He had some specific ideas about how to deal with the critical budget issues that face our state. Doug LaMalfa

Because of redistricting, local lines on the political map may change, and Senator LaMalfa might no longer represent our area. That would be very much to the detriment of our region, since Doug LaMalfa has proven himself over his years of service to be both responsive and accessible to our local citizenry. He is also very aware of the issues of concern to our area, and the key differences between our regional needs and those of more urban areas. It would be a shame to arbitrarily lose his representation, and so we are providing you with a petition that you can sign to let your feelings be known. Click on the document below to print it.

Redistricting Petition

It’s always good for our representatives to interact directly with the people they represent, and to speak candidly about their positions on matters of importance to our region. Thanks, Senator Doug LaMalfa.
Doug LaMalfa

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