How will recent Lead Based Paint rules affect values of older homes?

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Lead based paint

Image from US EPA

Exposure to lead based paint is considered the “number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States.” Recent changes in the law make it much more problematic to repair or renovate pre-1978 built homes. Any contractor doing more than a very minor repair can be fined $37,000, or even jailed for not testing for and/or mitigating lead paint exposure. Not only that, but your neighbors can sue as well, for your exposing them to lead paint particles in the air. It’s a serious matter only now starting to really sink in.

We’ve been wondering how radically this will affect the resale value of older homes. Anyone considering purchasing a pre-1978 built home with the idea of repairs or renovation will need to factor in the added cost of Lead Based Paint safety compliance and testing.
Chances of lead based paint

Source: US EPA

Lead is a bigger problem in older cities in the East. Much of our local Shasta County home construction took place later. Still, the rules apply here. Chances are, your contractor is now well aware of the rules, and the steep fines. You can learn more at the EPA informational website.

I would certainly be considering this factor in the purchase of an older home, or the impact on value if you are a seller. If the rules seem overly broad or harsh, you need to consider the victims of lead pollution inside the home are children, unable to manage their own risk of exposure. Failure to address the threat would be irresponsible by any measure.

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