Local home prices fall back to 2002 levels?

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That’s the premise of Marc Beauchamp’s blogpost today. Or maybe 1987 prices. We don’t know about 1987, but here is the latest chart we have for statewide home prices from the California Association of Realtors.
Home prices in California as of Jan 2012
Looking at the chart, the state seemed to have hit 2002 levels back in 2008.

Reporting history instead of news. No no, bad blogger.

Sorry, just teasing, Marc. Prices seem to have been bouncing around ’01 or ’02 ever since the rather precipitous decline hit bottom in ’09. Here’s the Shasta County Median Price chart we like to show.

Shasta County home prices
So apparently Marc’s premise about 2002 is right after all. At least for Shasta County.

As long as you’ve read this far, I’m going to take the opportunity to point out that although prices are low, demand is high. And housing inventory for sale is very low. If you need to sell, there is a buyer out there waiting. You just have to keep the pricing realistic, and present the home very nicely, especially online.

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