Fascinating audio/visual map of world earthquake activity

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Truly remarkable to see. A visual representation of 2011 earthquakes worldwide, along with an audio sound corresponding to the seismic power and depth of each event. Amazing, really. Be sure to turn up your sound.

Here in the Northstate we are complacent about earthquake safety. Most of the well known faults head offshore along the coast to the west. But you can clearly see 2 (count ’em ) VOLCANOES from Redding. Why would we be immune?

On viewing, it looks to me like the west coast of the US was unusually quiet in 2011. Not Japan.

Prominent earthquake safety measures for the home include mandatory strapping of water heaters at Point of Sale. In practice, we agents see few homes anymore without strapping already in place. But other structural safety measures are left to individuals, and can include anchoring walls to foundations, bracing cripple walls, and retrofitting un-reinforced masonry. There are no mandated standards for older homes. We don’t see much awareness of that, so we make sure that buyers sign a form showing these items are recognized at point of sale.

Of course with so much sales lately being “distress’ sales, no official disclosure is required of any of this seismic standard information to potential buyers. But we make sure our buyers are made aware anyway. Be safe.

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