State rules over Septic Systems change

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We Realtors were very concerned about proposed added level of state government regulation with new rules over septic systems. Basically, it would have imposed very expensive testing at point of sale for all the septic systems around the Shasta County region. Recently, the state issued the current map that illustrates those problem areas, and we aren’t on it. That makes the septic rule changes irrelevant to us. Click on the map to go to the actual page.

Septic system map

Click to go to actual current map

Of course the map can change, and those rules may be enforced here. There are a few areas I can think of where the density of septic systems and proximity to freshwater streams and bodies of water may become an issue. And in that case, enforcement of these rules may become necessary anyway.

State bureaucracy sounds pretty negative until you find your well water has been contaminated by somebody else’s sewage.

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