Please vote No on Measure B today

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For those of you old fashioned enough like me to actually go to the polls today. I’ve written here before my opinion as to why I will be voting no on B. There may be no better example of unintended consequences than that offered by Bob Moore, an actual farmer who stands to suffer under this proposed restriction.

Bob Moore of Moore's Mill in Redding

Bob Moore of Moore's Mill in Redding

We all care for the agricultural land that surrounds our region. We only borrow the earth for the time we are here. And we all must be thoughtful and realistic about the trade-offs we make to commerce and modernity. Measure B is legislation that sweeps aside any consideration for individual projects, and replaces it with a hard rule. Signed for in supermarket parking lots, based perhaps more on emotion than reason. I respect the feelings of others who see it differently, but I ask for your clear and considered reasoning now. Please take the time to consider the all the real implications of this heavy handed restriction, and join me and many others like Bob voting No on Measure B today. Thanks!

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