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Home inspections crucial part of any home sale

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We recommend to our sellers that they have a home inspection prior to listing. That’s not common in the Redding market.

The Address Realty recommends home inspections prior to sale
Tim Reaves of TWR Home Inspections leaves no space un-examined.

Here’s why it makes sense:

1. You’ll know in advance what issues will probably come up later on, in Escrow.
2. Once in Escrow, any issues become MUCH more problematic and harder to manage.
3. You will have an opportunity to deal with problems before a buyer can see them.
4. Certified local inspector/vendors reports are valid no matter who paid for them.
5. Inspections become part of your Disclosure Package and reassure buyers.
6. Inspection reports can be posted in the MLS for further buyer reassurance.
7. You will look smarter and more meticulous, increasing the value of the house.

Tim is always very thorough. We have several different inspectors with whom we have had good results in the past and we’ll give you our list of vendors as part of the services we offer to sellers. You don’t know what you don’t know, as they say.

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