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Well, it’s a commercial actually. A commercial for Zillow. And possibly only viral among we agents. Still, worth your view here.

Interesting to think about how home shopping has changed in the tablet and smartphone era.
A lot of agents we know dislike Zillow greatly. We like Zillow. More importantly, consumers like Zillow. The thing is, Zillow isn’t always accurate. Zillow shows properties that aren’t always for sale. They offer price “Zestimates” that are only computer generated statistical valuations. In our opinion, all that simply makes your local trusted Realtor all that much more valuable. Can you believe everything you see on the web?
You need a local human full time professional to separate the real real estate from the computer generated “reality.”
Good commercial though. “You’re not just looking for a house, you’re looking for a place for your life to happen.” Zillow got that right.

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