Small decor items can add big value to a home

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It’s true! Not being a stylish guy myself, it wasn’t until years into my real estate career that I truly realized this. Decor matters. It matters a lot because we humans react emotionally to homes. Even small decor choices can make a large difference in how a home speaks to a buyer. Recently, we listed a home for sale that seemed to have all the right design cues. The seller has a really interesting blog full of home style and cleaning tips and techniques. This project really caught our interest. She used a stencil to paint a beautiful gold leaf design over the dining room light fixture. Voila! It became an elegant chandelier. I was super impressed, and I think it helped sell the home quickly. Click on the image below to get to her how-to post.
AskAnnaSometimes it only take a simple but well thought-out design to completely change the character of a room. Your return on investment is often never larger than with paint. Thanks for the tip!

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