Local Shasta and Redding home sales down a bit in September

This post was published 6 years ago. Please, read this page keeping in mind that this home may have sold by now. You can always check current status by calling or texting (530) 356 4500 The Address Realty DRE # 01710206

It’s early, but this confirms what we felt subjectively. Activity was off a bit in September from our very busy August. We caution that any one month doesn’t reveal much of a macro trend, and that we are experiencing our traditional seasonal flux reflected in the chart below. Worth a look though:
Sept2013SalesChartWith sales off and listings up, POP! goes the inventory. That’s a good thing for buyers. Below, the numbers behind this month’s chart:
Sept2013SalesNumbersWith sales off about 68 homes from August, that amounts to about 2 a day fewer sales. Yeah, we felt that.
You may see different sales number results posted elsewhere. This is statistical data we gather for our brokerage strategy, and concerns mainly home sales in the area from Shingletown to Whiskeytown, and from Lakehead to Lake California. Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2013 MLS and FBS. Prepared by Skip Murphy on Tuesday, October 08, 2013 9:05 AM.

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