Redding and Shasta area home prices on the rise – RS

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The local paper headline nearly screams today. No, not the part that says “Washington Destroyed.” Don’t get your hopes up. That was just a football game. No, it was the full splash about how local Redding area median home prices have risen over $200K.

RS 11-26-13 Home values climbI know some of you might not subscribe (why not?) so maybe can’t get past the paywall. So here’s my cheapskate synopsis. Median prices for October are up to $205 from $171K this time last year. Sales are flat, as we reported here a few posts ago, but prices are substantially up.

Need to sell? Now is a good time. They wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true, would they? Don’t answer that. Anyway, in our opinion it seems to be very true. Demand is up, and demand drives prices. If you are needing to sell, we offer an innovative Flat Rate Plan to list and sell your house, and save a bunch of money when compared to traditional listing plans. The best part is that you get a dynamic local full service brokerage working for you at a greatly reduced fee. Read more at the link below:



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