More about the legality of commercial drones for videos

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Back in early November, I pointed out that commercial use of drone aircraft to shoot video is currently illegal. Here is a video of a drone video maker currently being sued by the FAA for commercial usage. He faces a rather steep $10,000 fine:

This could all s change of course. Big money is on it. Yesterday, 60 Minutes showed a prototype delivery service being tested by Amazon that used drone aircraft to fly parcels directly to your doorstep. Even Jeff Bezos admitted being aware that the commercial use of unmanned aircraft is currently illegal. Interviewer Charlie Rose effused most giddily at the reveal, along with much of the fawning online media today. This despite the sad prospect that implementation of such a scheme implies EVEN FEWER jobs for Americans. Thanks, Mr. Bezos. But if you really want to be as “disruptive” in a good way, how about figuring out how to increase human employment, rather than only the opposite?
If left to your logical conclusion, how will anyone buy more of your consumer items if nobody has a job, due to your relentless pursuit of robotic employees?
Above ironic thumbnail from Twitter, of course.

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