Arizona community attracts manufacturing

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Interesting article in the Chronicle today. A good follow up to my recent series about our locally undeveloped Stillwater Business Park. Reading, you get some idea just how tough the competition is for these manufacturers. And you can sense that while you are busy attracting a new factory, your old ones are busy shutting down.

Click on this thumbnail to go to the SF Chronicle page

Click on this thumbnail to go to the SF Chronicle page

If you unable to access due to the paywall, here’s a few key points. Apple asked for -and got- 100% renewable electrical sources for the energy to power the plant. Note also how small and highly educated their actual manufacturing workforce will be, only 700 people. Factories these days are automated and require more than just unskilled laborers. The empty plant where Apple is going had been a solar panel manufacturing firm that was expected to employ a up to 4,000 workers at peak. Boom/Bust.
I found a link at Bloomberg “Apple Wooed by Arizona as Obama Seeks U.S. Jobs Comeback” that doesn’t seem to require paywall access.

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