Rogue agents using drones for real estate

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What does it mean to compete with brokerages that pick and choose which laws they want to obey? The FAA is very clear that commercial use of drone photography is not permitted. Our own REALTOR organization, the NAR says it again today:

“The FAA is slated to issue rules on the commercial use of drones next year. To that end, the agency has authorized tests around the country to help it determine what restrictions are needed to ensure safe operation and to protect national security and people‚Äôs privacy. In the meantime, NAR says, members should not use drones for real estate marketing purposes or hire companies to do so.”

NAR on Drones1
Here’s more:

We’d love nothing better than using a drone for our brokerage photography. But we don’t feel comfortable picking which rules we like, and ignoring those we don’t. We resent having to compete presently with brokerages that play it fast and loose with Federal laws, and the rules of our profession.

As a consumer, you should be wary of brokerages that pick their own rules.

When you see a real estate drone video online, that’s the behavior of a rogue.

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