Legislature Considers Tax on Homeowners

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California Homes and Jobs Act of 2013.
The state legislature has been considering a tax that would be imposed on homeowners who need to record certain documents with their counties This $75 per document tax will be imposed on a variety of documents, which will include, for example, documents related to refinancing properties, taking properties in and out of trusts, making lot line adjustments, obtaining constructions loans and upon the death of a spouse. The tax also applies to foreclosures (the owner would be responsible, not the lender) and filing mechanics liens. For instance, it’s not untypical in a refinance, for six documents to be subject to the new tax, resulting in a tax total of $552. If a spouse dies, up to five documents need to be recorded, creating a total tax of $440 including existing recording fees.

SB 391 is in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is opposing this bill.

The purpose of the tax is provide a revenue stream to a fund earmarked specifically for Affordable Housing. More about this bill here:


What do you think of this idea? Don’t bother telling me. Tell your elected representative:

Assemblyman Brian Dahle

(916) 319 2001

State Senator Ted Gaines


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Cluster style homes in Redding off Shasta View

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