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This post was published 5 years ago. Please, read this page keeping in mind that this home may have sold by now. You can always check current status by calling or texting (530) 356 4500 The Address Realty DRE # 01710206

Above the fold, no less.
Well, technically this isn’t specifically about us. But we’re quoted as sources by journalist David Benda.
RS 5-24-14 Home salesNo, not the “Murderer gets life in prison” story. Home Sales Rise to 204.
In case you can’t get past the paywall, and really you should if you are interested in local news, here is a quote:

““If you want to characterize (the market now) I would say something like it’s a normal year,” Skip Murphy of The Address Realty in Redding said. “Last year I would characterize as euphoric. This year it’s more steady, which is a good thing.”

Real estate is a seasonal business and springs are typically a busy time in the North State.

“So the next month (May) and into June will be our peak and as it gets really hot in Redding, it does decline,” Murphy said.”

And that’s the truth of it, Murphy says again for emphasis.
So if you were thinking of selling, now would be good.
They wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true. 😉

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