Redding Police Chief speaks to Shasta Realtors

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At the general membership meeting today at the Shasta MLS we listened to Redding Police Chief Rob Paoletti speak on matters of crime and punishment. Well, mostly on crime. Like all California cities, we have our share.
RobPaoletti1So much of it revolves around drugs. It seems the war on drugs only serves to increase the the profits and motivations for crime. It’s dismaying to hear the impacts from the Chief’s perspective. He has a lot on his plate.
RobPaoletti3As a Realtor, we are often asked about crime by those considering relocating here. What’s crime like in Redding? Which neighborhoods are impacted? It’s good news and bad.
Some good:
We are building new Police station. The Chief is replacing their aged computer system. They have some good initiatives to deal with the AB 109 problem, which is affecting all California. They are working on reaching into the transient camps we have here.
RobPaoletti2Some bad:
Meth is cheaper and more plentiful. Heroin use is up. Crazy Marijuana policies echo with unintended consequences. We need more cops on the street, and more places to put the offenders.

I traveled a lot in my business career before becoming a Realtor. I don’t feel unsafe in Redding, but you do have to be aware here. A lot of the crime is “Dirtbag on dirtbag,” as the Chief labeled it. But domestic violence, mental illness, and drug use are serious issues that dog our community. I do feel fortunate to have Chief Paoletti on our side.

And though the Chief didn’t endorse it, I urge all readers to give serious consideration to the proposed small increase in sales tax to fund public safety. Crime impacts more than real estate values. It’s your quality of life at stake.

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