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You won’t find us in the Yellow Pages

Many years ago, the YellowPages was equivalent to Google for finding a business. Today, this yellow book arrived unwelcome and uninvited on my driveway, I paused briefly before recycling it to see if our 3 year old local real estate brokerage, The Address Realty, was listed.

Turns out, we are not.
Yello PagesWell that’s just rude. We wonder how many other fine local businesses are not listed?

Anyway, it says you can opt out of having this waste of paper delivered to your driveway by letting them know at Please do so. If enough of us opt out, maybe this paper wasting relic of a bygone era will finally cease. The sooner the better.

Actually, why is it even necessary to opt out? When did I opt in?

Water conserving fixtures required, starting Jan. 1 2014

An important new law to observe this coming year include this new rule mandating that all homes be retrofitted with water conserving fixtures. This was the partly the subject of an editorial today at the RS “Editorial: Drought makes irksome mandate the sensible path.” And true enough, many sensible rules can be irksome. Predicted water scarcity will affect all of us, so this small step seems only prudent. We’ll have to see exactly how it plays out in terms of the transfer of real estate.

Otter in the Sacramento River by Skip Murphy 2013

Otter in the Sacramento River by Skip Murphy 2013

[Approved by Governor October 11, 2009. Filed with Secretary of State October 11, 2009.]

Legislative counsel’s digest SB 407, Padilla. Property transfers: plumbing fixtures replacement.
(1)  Existing law authorizes public entities that supply water, by the
adoption of an ordinance or resolution pursuant to specified procedures, to
adopt and enforce a water conservation program. Existing law requires
certain disclosures to be made upon the transfer of real estate
. Existing law
requires that all water closets or urinals sold or installed in the state use no
more than an average of 1.6 gallons or one gallon per flush, respectively.
This bill would establish requirements for residential and commercial
real property built and available for use on or before January 1, 1994, for
replacing plumbing fixtures that are not water conserving, as defined as
noncompliant plumbing fixtures. On and after January 1, 2014, the bill
would require, for all building alterations or improvements to single-family
residential real property, as defined, that water-conserving plumbing fixtures
replace other noncompliant plumbing fixtures as a condition for issuance
of a certificate of final completion and occupancy or final permit approval
by the local building department.
By creating a new duty to inspect for local
officials, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program. The bill
would require, on or before January 1, 2017, that all noncompliant plumbing
fixtures in any single-family residential real property shall be replaced by
the property owner with water-conserving plumbing fixtures.

You can read the entire SB 407 here.
Twilight fishing near Sundial

A “Redding Lawn” of decomposed granite

Lush green lawns like you might see in England can seem out of place in Redding California. Sure, we get plenty of rain for a lawn in Winter. But in Summer, lawns often struggle in vain against our thermonuclear sunshine more suited to cactus. Lawn owners can do battle with the elements using acre feet of clean water, and weird science chemistry. But at some point, you have to ask if lawns are really such a good idea here.
Our back yard was no exception. We offered it no chemicals and light watering, and it predictably rewarded us with heavy weeds and brown patches. So instead, we thought we’d try something a slight bit more drought tolerant. Decomposed granite.
Landscape 7-22-13
After scraping our struggling so-called lawn to the dirt, road base was put down. Then a weed fabric barrier.

Then another layer of road base over the fabric. And then finally, the decomposed granite. It looks like the sand from Buckhorn Summit that clogs the mountain waterways up there.


Landscape7-29-13Hm. well it looks like we may be trading in the lawnmower for a rake. Acorns and leaves are certainly more visible. Still, we are going to give our new back yard a chance.

The Tiny Home lifestyle

Nobody local seems to want to build tiny homes anymore. The reason is purely economic. Housing is primarily valued on square footage, all else aside. Yet, years ago in Redding, small homes were quite common. How much space do you really need? Here’s a really interesting blog about tiny homes and their owners. A thoughtful group. Check it out:

Tiny homes blog and small homes in redding

North Valley Bank and Ochoa & Shehan create New Homes.

Buy new homes in redding ca
Here’s a unique program to help people buy New Construction homes in the Redding California area. Local bankers North Valley Bank, and local builders Ochoa & Shehan have teamed up to create a new finance option for people to buy or build new homes.
Here’s the issue they address: A lot of potential buyers have had unusual conditions prevent them from getting traditional financing. NVB has developed ARM loans specific to new construction with Ochoa & Shehan that removes obstacles to good buyers who have maybe bad credit scores, or some other financial obstacle that an ordinary FHA type loan wouldn’t consider. This isn’t Sub Prime lending! While it is Creative Financing, its not the type that crashed the economy. This program is targeted for specific buyers. Those whom a smaller local bank can determine is a good risk, and who may not have any options with a big box lender. NVB is going to “portfolio” these loans, which is to say they won’t sell them in the secondary market. So they will be looking for good candidate buyers, who they expect to pay them back. Perhaps a high earner with a good job, who was foreclosed on, or had some other financial setback in this economy that was unusual. The upshot is that they can buy a high quality local home at a terrific rate. Ochoa and Shehan build excelent high quality Earth Advantage homes, and becasue they use local contractors, it’s a win-win for the local economy. Call us for more info.

(530) 255 4070
real estate in redding ca

Local green builders, Ochoa and Shehan

Ashley WagarOn Wednesday April 13 2011, The Green Committee of the Shasta MLS was pleased to present Ashley Wagar of Ochoa and Shehan Builders at the General Membership meeting. Ashley spoke about the many aspects to building Green in the current housing market.Ashley Wagar of Ochoa and ShehanTitle 24 itemsIt’s a complex subject, but one in which every informed REALTOR should be proficient. The rules are ever changing, and new materials and techniques arrive on the scene all the time. Of interest was the number of trade-offs that must be made, like say between a tight building envelope and good air quality for the interior. What can seem Green practice at first might not be so environmentally responsible when the whole picture is taken into consideration, including materials manufacturing waste, and shipping distance.

Ashley brought a presentation that included several examples of Green building materials and Title 24 (building Code) mandated fixtures. Thanks go to the Green Committee of our local REALTORS for this informative and thought provoking discussion. Skip Murphy.