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Trying a Redding landscape product, Technisoil

I met the Technisoil rep at last year’s EDC Gamechangers event in Redding. (This year’s Game Changers event is taking place today at the Civic Auditorium) We decided to try their product on our back yard.



Technisoil4It takes some elaborate preparation to do correctly, but we followed the instructions carefully. It was applied over decomposed granite that is rolled over a compacted base gravel. So, now it’s re-composed granite by Technisoil. Will keep you informed of how it works out. So far, it looks beautiful.

A “Redding Lawn” of decomposed granite

Lush green lawns like you might see in England can seem out of place in Redding California. Sure, we get plenty of rain for a lawn in Winter. But in Summer, lawns often struggle in vain against our thermonuclear sunshine more suited to cactus. Lawn owners can do battle with the elements using acre feet of clean water, and weird science chemistry. But at some point, you have to ask if lawns are really such a good idea here.
Our back yard was no exception. We offered it no chemicals and light watering, and it predictably rewarded us with heavy weeds and brown patches. So instead, we thought we’d try something a slight bit more drought tolerant. Decomposed granite.
Landscape 7-22-13
After scraping our struggling so-called lawn to the dirt, road base was put down. Then a weed fabric barrier.

Then another layer of road base over the fabric. And then finally, the decomposed granite. It looks like the sand from Buckhorn Summit that clogs the mountain waterways up there.


Landscape7-29-13Hm. well it looks like we may be trading in the lawnmower for a rake. Acorns and leaves are certainly more visible. Still, we are going to give our new back yard a chance.

Putting in a Flagstone patio is like a building a jigsaw puzzle

Another in the series of our yard landscaping makeover. Here we see custom work by Gerety’s crew laying out flagstone to replace what had been some rather ugly and foot sharp gravel. It’s really turning out nice. Great color.



Flagstone4It’s some kind of artistic talent to be able to pick through a pallet of rock, and then figure out how to place it together like a jigsaw puzzle into this great patio. There will be a fountain in the middle of it. It’s currently on order from Jose Antonios of Redding.┬áIt’s all coming together nicely.

Yard makeover continues with re-purposed concrete walls

These retaining walls are made from the chunks of concrete that had been our old driveway. Gerety’s crew skillfully fits each chunk into place.



Recycle. Re-use. Re-purpose. We like very much that our ugly old concrete driveway is starting to become these beautiful retaining walls in our back yard. It’s easy to imagine them gaining a rich patina with age.

Irrigation and Drainage key to success for Redding landscapes

It rains a lot in Redding in Winter, and it gets very hot in Summer. So drainage and irrigation forms the structural basis for landscape planning. Our relatively flat front yard had so called “French Drains” installed when constructed 35 years ago. But you can see what happened when they pulled up a section of the old 4″ drain pipe. It was filled with roots and soil.
YardMakeoverFrenchDrainOldMeanwhile, the irrigation half is being bolstered. A lot of the front yard had been plumbed with 1/2″ lines originally, which restricted water flow where we needed it most. We’re starting out here with these valves and 1″ pipe. Our intention is to have low flow, water conscious plantings. But we want a solid plumbing infrastructure.
YardMakeoverirrigationValvesGerety’s crew used the existing decorative rocks we had strewn about here and there to build this planter. We were surprised at how much better the rocks look as an intentionally hand layed wall rather than random groups of rock.YardMakeoverPlanter1Day 3 of our yard makeover, and we are excited about the results so far!