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We #CaffeinateforaCause in Redding

Broker Erin contributed $100 to Turtle Bay Exploration Park via Dutch Bros coffee and the Caffeinate for a Cause day. In return, we got a cheer from celebrity baristas Mimi Moseley and Rachel Hatch. It was a fun and delicious fundraiser for our treasured Turtle Bay. We also produced a short video about a favorite Turtle Bay memory to help spread the word through social media. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Erin and Mimi for Turtle Bay
Our Broker Erin Murphy and Redding celebrity cheerleader Mimi Moseley.

A Thank You from Redding’s bicycling community

Our Broker Erin Rader of The Address Realty is also part of the family business Rader Excavating and Traffic Control. This year again, the Raders donated equipment and precious weekend time to help Shasta Living Streets put on Family Bicycling Day in Redding.
Bike day
It’s an opportunity to spend a safe day on bikes on a street in Redding, and it helps the community think about streets differently than they might otherwise with only cars everywhere. It seems the event was a great success.
Shasta Living Streets Banner

“I want to send you the most sincere Thank You for all your work to make Family Bicycling Day a success. We are all so appreciative of your work – and this event is having a huge impact in our community. It would never happen without you.
We will make Rader Excavating a Business Member of Shasta Living Streets. These memberships start at $250. Your donations well exceed that.
I am working hard to build Shasta Living Streets into a strong local organization. Building a start-up organization is a big challenge. But we have a great reputation and I am receiving much encouragement and making progress. It all comes from that first year, and following years of this crazy event that changes people’s hearts and minds.

Thank you Aaron.

Anne Wallach Thomas”

Aaron Rader and son Talon at Family Bicycling Day

Aaron Rader and son Talon at Family Bicycling Day

Broker Erin Rader and Talon enjoying Family Bicycling Day in Redding

Broker Erin Rader and Talon enjoying Family Bicycling Day in Redding

Giving back to our community is in our DNA at The Address Realty.

A thank-you letter from the Shasta Family YMCA

Aaron Rader, husband to our broker Erin Rader, spent a large amount of time this week helping the YMCA prepare their outdoor court in time for tonight’s Sober Grad for U-Prep. The extensive work took time away from his family and his own business, but it was very gratifying to get this thank-you letter yesterday from the YMCA.


This Outdoor Court project has been going on since last year. We are active members of our community and proud of it. We are lucky to the YMCA facility for community services like Sober Grad. Thanks Aaron, and thank you Shasta Family YMCA.
Rader excavating at the Y2 640Aaron and son Talon. Below, seen working late into the night to accomplish the task before the deadline.
Rader Excavating at the Y

Local REALTORS contribute to Veterans Cemetery Wreaths

The Shasta Association of REALTORS contributed cash to buy these wreaths you see honoring our veterans at the Northern California Veterans Cemetery in Igo. These wreaths are displayed during Christmas, and then stored for next year. I was happy to see a photo of the display on this month’s Redding Directions, which is the monthly magazine publication from the Greater Shasta Chamber of Commerce, where we have been a member since 2005.
DSC_4143The Chamber’s website is currently down, in anticipation of a new design. Looking forward to that. Meanwhile the magazine has some good articles.

In the 3 years I served as a Director at the Shasta Association of REALTORS, we were approached by many local charities looking for financial help. And it was often a tough decision to pick and choose who to support, because here are so many good causes and only so much money. The decision by the board to support the purchase of wreaths for our veterans was swift and unanimous, as I recall it.
Good call! Thanks, Shasta REALTORS, and thank you veterans.

Aaron Rader of Rader Excavating volunteers to help Redding’s YMCA

Broker Erin Rader’s husband Aaron of Rader Excavating volunteered time and equipment to help construct the new outdoor sport court at Redding’s terrific YMCA. Also shown hard at work is our good friend Dan Cook, husband of fellow Realtor Nedra Cook. Great example of local community spirit! Thanks also to KRCR for the fun interview.
Obvious sad note, the newsfeed scroll across the bottom indicates this news segment is running while the Clover Fire is still raging. Our hearts go out to those who lost homes in the fires. And the firefighters (who are still hard at it today) are in our thoughts and prayers.

Some images from Dancing With the Stars Shasta County Style

Here are a few images from Saturday’s big fundraiser for One Safe Place, formerly the Shasta County Women’s Refuge and Family Justice Center. Aaron Rader and Monica Fisher in a graceful first waltz earned an unbelievable score of 10-10-9! They were the unexpected leader at intermission! To much amazement…


The organization changed its name to One Safe Place at the event. Makes sense. We helped raise somewhere north of $60,000 altogether for the event, we’re told. Happy to have been a part of it, but the dancers all put in a lot of hard work!


Aaron and Monica kick it up a notch. 2013 photo by Abby Schanuth.

Aaron and Monica kick it up a notch. 2013 photo by Abby Schanuth.



2013 photo by Abby Schanuth

2013 photo by Abby Schanuth


Team Aaron and Monica finished just a point from the leader. Good work! Thanks to both of you.

Proud Sponsor of One Safe Place The Address RealtyWe are very proud to have been a sponsor of this event, but we were just one of many. What a great community effort! Thanks to all.



Golfing fundraiser for Women’s Refuge -brief video

The local paper ran a gut wrenching story yesterday of a local woman in need of refuge, who ultimately found none. I’m not sure what I expected, but the image of the dormitory style housing was a bit shocking. It’s too damn bad that this essential service relies on “bake sale” style fundraising, but here we are. 🙁
Anyway, my son in law Aaron Rader is a victim dancer in the big fundraiser event Dancing With the Stars Shasta County Style taking place tomorrow, Saturday June 21. Please come out to the Cascade Theatre tomorrow at 7 pm in support. The event is simply the culmination of many smaller fundraisers that lead up to the show. Money-raising like this golf tournament sponsored by Rader Excavating has been ongoing.

Aaron and Monica Title page

Erin golf Benefit
Address Thank you sign