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Where to find local Open Houses?

The Shasta Association of Realtors has recently changed their webpage to make it easier for consumers to locate Open Houses. Figuring out where to find local Open Houses is now easy. Just click here:


Or use this URL and click on the Open House button.

BTW- They’re ALL Open Houses for us and our clients! We can get you inside any home currently for sale around here, any time you like. Just Call or Text (530) 356 4500 and we’ll make the appointment.


Shasta Association of REALTORS Board of Directors final meeting for 2013

Every year around Christmas, the board of directors of the Shasta Association of REALTORS meets over lunch to end their year. This year we met at the always great Market Street Steakhouse.
Market Street BOD1

Market Street BOD2A great setting. Terrific people.Market Street SteakhouseI am ending my 3 year term as Director at this meeting, and I confess that I will miss it greatly. In my life, I have seldom been given the opportunity to work alongside such a high caliber and thoughtful group of people as these. But it’s time for new blood, and new ideas. And so the 85 year old Shasta Association of REALTORS moves forward, and I will try to make myself useful elsewhere in our organization. Thanks to all. Skip Murphy

Shasta Association of REALTORS celebrates 85 years

85 years Association of Realtors85 years surely makes us one of the longest running professional organizations in the area. We came together for a Christmas party and to install new officers and the new Board of Directors. This is the first time in 3 years I have not been on the board, so I got to watch from the table.
I sat with Chris Kutzkey, who is President Elect of the California Association of REALTORS. Almost hard to believe: Chris is a practicing broker from Siskiyou County, no less. Now, the leader of REALTORS all over the state.

Chris Kutzkey is the 2014 President-elect of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Chris Kutzkey is the 2014 President-elect of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Chris Kutzkey addresses the 2014 Board of Directors. This is the first time in 3 years I have not been on the board.

Chris Kutzkey addresses the 2014 Board of Directors.

Past President Dennis Morgan hands off to new President Jerry Baker

2014 Shasta Association of REALTORS President Jerry Baker gets a gleeful hand-off from Past President Dennis Morgan

Broker Erin Rader and Realtor Jamie Kline Garcia of The Address Realty

Broker Erin Rader and Realtor Jamie Kline Garcia of The Address Realty

Broker Erin Rader dining with Redding Mayor Rick Bosetti

Broker Erin Rader dining with Redding Mayor Rick Bosetti

Redding needs homes! We are short of homes for sale

The headline this morning in the paper fairly screams it out: We need more homes for sale in the Redding area. We have home buyers, but no homes to sell them.
Record searchlight says fewer homes for saleEveryone is feeling the pinch. If you, or anyone you know is thinking of selling, perhaps wondering when the market would turn in their favor, now is that time.
In view of this situation, Erin and Skip at The Address Realty are running a listing special. Just $495 to list your Redding area home in the local MLS. Sellers can use this plan to save literally thousands of dollars on the listing side of selling a home. We are hoping this spectacular money saving incentive will bring up some inventory we can sell to our buyers. Keep more of your equity on the listing side. We just need your house to sell to our many eager buyers!
Northstate Flatrate Flat Rate Ad

This isn’t some out-of-town limited service type listing. We offer all the available sales tools to get top dollar for your home. Here’s a home we sold that closed yesterday in Anderson. It sold at list price of $165,000. The online sales video below was viewed over 650 times. All those buyers will see your house too!

We find a home for Matt and Joan and their kids.

It is so very gratifying to help folks find the home of their dreams. Along the way, you get to know them well, their likes and dislikes. And their kids too. Their hopes and dreams and aspirations. And when it all works out in their favor due to our efforts, the feeling is hard to describe. The end result is HOME. A word rich with all that it implies. We make connections as Realtors, and when a family connects with home, it’s a good feeling.
It’s getting harder and harder to find the good deals. Just so you know.
Master bath image by Skip Murphy of the Address Realty

Flip this house -Shasta County Style

Today’s RS article about an expensive house flipping seminar brought this local flipped home to mind. Tax records say this home sold for $295K just last month. Now, 2910 Montana Sky in Redding’s Carriage Glen neighborhood is listed for $389,000. Here we see the presumed flipper/sellers romping in their back yard.
2910 Montana Sky Redding 96002 flipped home2910 Montana Sky Redding 96002 flipped home in shasta county
You’d be romping too, probably. Representing the seller in this sale is the seller, Will Ramsdell of Keller Williams. He writes:

“Beautiful 3 Bedroom 2 Bath with an office. Granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Custom back yard with beach entry pebbletech pool, waterfalls, built-in spa, vollyball court and much more. Entertainers dream home. Regular sale ready for quick close.”

The quicker the better, no doubt. He’s posted many more images of this Carriage Glen home in Redding, treated with the requisite high dynamic range (HDR) image retouching so often seen on luxury homes posted online, at the link.
2910 Montana Sky Redding 96002 front2910 Montana Sky Redding 96002 kitchenCare to see it? No swimming allowed. Call or Text (530) 255 4070
2910 Montana Sky Redding 96002 flip or dive

Half-price homes in Shasta County (almost)

Half price when compared to the statewide median price. Our local median price was (edit)$152,000 for the first half of 2012. The average sale price in that period was (edit)$173,480. Meanwhile, across the state, median was $276,040. So, we’re really (edit)55% of statewide price.
Good time to buy in redding
The above chart comes to us from the California Association of Realtors. My calculated local median price is from the Shasta MLS Information, prepared by Skip Murphy on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 8:55 AM, and is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2012 MLS and FBS.
EDIT:Hah. Good thing those figures weren’t guaranteed. Turns out I had some interaction with the Chrome browser that didn’t download all the data. The Actual Median price for homes selling in the first half of 2012 was $152K. And the Actual Average price was $173,480. So now, we are not actually half the statewide median price, but more like 55%. So almost half. I originally wrote that local median price was $113K. Which seemed really low, so good thing I checked again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Glamorous septic inspections in the heat

Ours is a service business. I like to be there for buyer inspections, and that includes Septic Inspections. Even when it’s 106 f in Shasta County. Maybe a teensy bit hotter in the sun. These are the glamorous real estate agent tasks they fail to mention on TV shows like House Hunters.
Septic inspection in ReddingLucky for you, it’s not smellivision, lol. Again, this is a service business. We do what it takes to serve the client interests.
At least I wasn’t doing the digging and pumping. Now, that’s truly a service business…
Hot in Redding

REALTORs map real estate data by Congressional Districts

Here’s an interesting interactive map of real estate related statistical data as it applies to individual Congressional Districts.
Real estate data by congressional districts
The 2nd Congressional District ( us) has almost 300,000 households, with a 64% rate of homeownership. It’s sometimes easy to forget how big this district is, so much more than just Shasta County. As of yesterday, the 2 candidates running to represent this region are Jim Reed and Doug LaMalfa. There is much more real estate related demographic and economic data at the link. Interesting to see how we compare to other places.