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Sold! Carriage Glen executive home in Redding


Almost sad to see this beautiful Carriage Glen home leave our inventory.
We often sell homes quickly. But “often” doesn’t mean always. This turned out to be a lot more complicated than most home sale transactions. We stuck by our client over a lengthy transaction, and put in all the time and work needed to reach success.

Whether your home sale will be complicated or straightforward, we make a commitment to your success. We’ve sold 30 homes over the last 12 months. There are a few firms around here that can claim to have sold many more in that same time, but we like the fact that we have just enough work to provide highly individualized and personal service for our clients. You are not just another file number when you choose The Address Realty. We offer high level service and a commitment to your success.

Did we mention we list and sell homes in the Redding area for 1%? We do. Listing in the Shasta MLS starts at just $495. We offer high quality service and save home sellers money. Ask us how we accomplish that. No obligation.

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Sold over asking price! Beautiful home in Spyglass Estates

This Redding home went from Listed to Close of Escrow in 44 days. And it sold OVER Asking price. It’s a nice home and we do exceptional work for Redding home sales, but some of the credit must surely go to the lovely decor and staging.
Front wide

Homesellers often overlook the power of home decor in sales. We’ve seen proper home staging produce amazing results. A vacant home is better than a cluttered home. But a well staged home can really increase what buyers are willing to pay.

One surprising thing we’ve learned over the years is that many buyers lack the ability to visualize. It’s like they can see only what’s in front of them, and cannot imagine it with their own furniture or decor. Or even more so, what it might look like with proper interior design. This home hit the sweet spot for many of the people we showed. This seller was smart to stage it well. It’s an effort that can really pay big returns.

This seller was also smart about picking their Realtor. We listed and sold this home for 1% commission. We shot all those beautiful marketing photographs you see here. The seller knew lots of other real estate brokerages, and could have paid more to sell their home. But they knew they would not get our top quality online marketing anywhere else. Paying (much) less to sell their home was just icing on the cake.

Selling homes and saving seller’s money without compromising quality of service is what we do at The Address Realty. If you know anyone needing to sell their Redding area home, do them a huge favor and pass our name along please. We get most of our business via reputation and word of mouth. We’ve closed 30 homes in the last 12 months, and continue to grow without losing the very high-touch hands-on service you deserve.

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Sold! NW Redding home sells in just 4 days.

After having been listed in the Shasta MLS with another firm for 264 days, this neat Redding home sold in just 4 days when listed with The Address Realty.
To what do we attribute the difference in results?
Among other things, our unmatched real estate marketing photography really had an impact. While others use their cell phone cameras to upload hasty marketing images, we take the time and effort to carefully shoot with Nikon professional camera gear. We get results, as this Redding home sale clearly demonstrates. This excellent outcome speaks for itself.

We don’t approach marketing images as though “anyone” can do it well. It is our craft. And it isn’t some side gig, that we do between wedding shoots and senior portraits. We do professional real estate and architectural photography because it matters to get the best results for our clients

The seller was kind enough to take a minute of her time (on moving day, no less) to offer her thoughts about her experience.

Unscripted real people, with real results. Thanks, Terry!

Oh, and did we mention we list and sell homes in the Shasta MLS for 1%? We do.

Professional home listing services starts at just $495.

Sold! Fine home with a big shop in Redding

Sold! We could probably sell a dozen of similar Redding homes

We received so many offers we had to create a spreadsheet just so the seller could sort them out. Sold over asking price, at $400K.
Sold Redding home
We’d like to take all the credit. Truth is, the seller made a lot of great decisions in the way they designed and decorated this home. It photographed beautifully. That’s what generates interest.

Click on this interactive sales brochure, and scroll through the terrific images.

A home and shop on 9 private acres

Another great decision by the seller was to interview and select The Address Realty to sell their home. It’s a great idea to interview several of our local real estate brokerages when you need to sell. Just make sure The Address Realty is one of the brokerages you interview.

Do the math. This seller did, to great success. We offer full service real estate brokerage services, and we do it for just 1%. Listing in the Shasta MLS starts at $495. Once your property is listed in the MLS with high quality photography and/or video, it is syndicated out to all the major real estate websites and mobile search apps.

We have a proven track record of successes like this. Who do you know that needs to sell their Redding and Shasta area real estate?

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Sold! Classic northwest Redding home -seller saves big


Front2We represented the seller of this lovely NW Redding home, and we also brought the buyer. Because we represented both parties to the transaction, we were able save the seller a lot of money. A lot of money.

Fountain-PatioWe list and sell Redding homes for just 1%. Listing starts at $495. We have a solid track record of success like the home we sold you see here. We’ve helped sell 29 Redding area homes in the last 12 months, as of this posting.

But here’s the real kicker:

We represent Redding area home sellers for 1%, but if we represent both the buyer and the seller we charge just 2% total. That can mean a significant savings over the traditional 6% brokerage fee that many local firms charge in the same circumstances. We don’t know of any other local firm offering our high level of service for this much savings to the seller.

How do we do that? We keep our costs low, and pass the savings back to our clients. We don’t charge for things that don’t help you directly to sell your Redding or Shasta County area home.

Perhaps a better question to ask is: Why do others charge so much?

Below, testimonial from another client who sold his home for just 2% using our service. Real people, real savings.

Give us a call to find out more.

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Sold! Economical NW Redding home

Redding home Sold!

Large and small, we sell them all.
Front2We received multiple offers for this northwest Redding home. That always works to the seller’s advantage. The seller countered all the offers we received to bring their “highest and best” offer. Then, the seller picked the best one. That way, the seller is assured of getting the most for their real estate from among all the available buyers.

We know how to attract multiple offers. There is more to marketing than just posting a few cell phone camera images in the MLS. High quality professional real estate photography is only the start. We know how to distribute the sales advertising widely online.

We always try to tell the story of the property we have for sale. To let buyers imagine themselves living here through visualization.

We always try to tell the story of the property we have for sale. To let buyers imagine themselves living here.

We apply creativity to our marketing of real estate in the Redding area Let us show you how we attract multiple offers in the Shasta County region. We are the leader among innovative and creative real estate brokerages in the northstate. Let us apply our trusted marketing expertise to sell your Redding area home or land.

Listing your property in the Shasta MLS starts with just a call or a text.
Let us show you how we do it with a no-obligation consultation about selling your Redding or Shasta county area home or land.

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Sold! Shasta Lake City home goes from listed to sold in 46 days

Sold! Shasta Lake City home.

Shasta Lake City LivingroomWe list and sell homes for just 1%. The sellers of this home is an accountant couple.

People who know math use our services.

Do the math! If you need to sell a house, don’t pay too much to your listing agent. We don’t charge for things that don’t directly contribute to the sale. Listing homes in Redding or Shasta Lake City starts at just $495. We have a proven track record of success, and 5 years in business in Redding.
Spring 2016 Shasta Lake City Centimudi to Mussel Shoals
Shasta Lake City is not far from a boat launch at Lake Shasta. Which is why we included it in the marketing of this home. We try to find the story about what living is like in the homes that we sell. We find images and amenities to write about that go beyond the typical. While we are less expensive than many traditional brokerages, we do not cut corners on our online marketing.

The sellers were so pleased, they offered this testimonial!

Do the math! Thank you for using our services!!!

Sold! Great value home near the Sacramento River in Redding

We helped a first time homebuyer purchase this home at auction!

Front 1080
Being a first time homebuyer can be intimidating. You literally don’t know what you don’t know. The process is complex and directly coupled to all the emotion that the word HOME implies. It means decisions made have both financial impact and emotional ties.

Then after much shopping and education, the home he wanted was on auction. That adds an extra layer of challenge to buying. The listing “agent” wasn’t local, and the company doing holding the auction wasn’t either. At least one auction house is located in India, where it is the middle of the night during daytime here. Communication is erratic. We end up doing all the work that is usually split between buyer agent and listing agent. We really wanted our client to succeed.

The transaction was difficult, and endured several delays. We kept it on track, and to good conclusion. Our client got a great value on this home near the Sacramento River. HOME.
Ducks and LAssenAre you a first time homebuyer? :et us help you learn what you “don’t know.” We have years of experience helping people buy and sell homes in the Redding area, and you can put our skill to work for you. We can help you find that HOME you are looking for,and then help you negotiate and purchase. We have a track record of success.

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Sold! Home in Candlewood of Redding


FrontWe helped this seller find a willing full price buyer, and we represented both parties in this sale. Candlewood is a terrific Redding neighborhood, with very centralized access to east Redding amenities. Just a few blocks north to Lema Ranch trails, Redding School of the Arts, and on to Simpson University.
Sunset on the walking trail at Lema Ranch in Redding.

Sunset on the walking trail at Lema Ranch in Redding.

This was the second home we’ve sold for this seller. Repeat business is a good sign we must be doing something right!

We list and sell Redding homes using the Shasta MLS for just 1%. Listing starts at just $495. Best of all, our clients receive great services, like our high quality real estate photography. Your real estate’s online appearance is critical in today’s mobile enabled marketplace. Our photography and online presentation is second to none. Simpson University 1080

Right now, demand for homes in Redding is very strong. Contact us and ask how we can sell your Redding or Shasta area home, and save you a big pile of your own money. All without sacrificing quality of service, and making you pay for things you don’t need. We do that.

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Sold! Updated Craftsman Style home in Redding

Craftsman Inspired home in Redding California

Sold! Escrow closed yesterday on this unique Redding home.

This is the second home we have sold for this client.


Getting repeat business is a good sign for any service provider. We are grateful that we earned our client’s trust for this expensive transaction.

We list homes in the Shasta MLS and sell them for just 1%. Listing plans start at $495. Who do you know that could save thousands of dollars without compromising service quality selling their real estate?

We are The Address Realty.

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