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Sold over asking price! Beautiful home in Spyglass Estates

This Redding home went from Listed to Close of Escrow in 44 days. And it sold OVER Asking price. It’s a nice home and we do exceptional work for Redding home sales, but some of the credit must surely go to the lovely decor and staging.
Front wide

Homesellers often overlook the power of home decor in sales. We’ve seen proper home staging produce amazing results. A vacant home is better than a cluttered home. But a well staged home can really increase what buyers are willing to pay.

One surprising thing we’ve learned over the years is that many buyers lack the ability to visualize. It’s like they can see only what’s in front of them, and cannot imagine it with their own furniture or decor. Or even more so, what it might look like with proper interior design. This home hit the sweet spot for many of the people we showed. This seller was smart to stage it well. It’s an effort that can really pay big returns.

This seller was also smart about picking their Realtor. We listed and sold this home for 1% commission. We shot all those beautiful marketing photographs you see here. The seller knew lots of other real estate brokerages, and could have paid more to sell their home. But they knew they would not get our top quality online marketing anywhere else. Paying (much) less to sell their home was just icing on the cake.

Selling homes and saving seller’s money without compromising quality of service is what we do at The Address Realty. If you know anyone needing to sell their Redding area home, do them a huge favor and pass our name along please. We get most of our business via reputation and word of mouth. We’ve closed 30 homes in the last 12 months, and continue to grow without losing the very high-touch hands-on service you deserve.

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We sell a beautiful home overlooking west Redding

Check out this happy couple on the steps of their fantastic Tudor Style home in the hills overlooking west Redding.
MandJ_atHome3smallIt’s somewhat cliche, but very true. The best part of being a Realtor is the people you meet. Although this was one of the finest homes I’ve ever helped somebody buy, the best part *by far* was the opportunity to work on behalf of the couple you see sitting on the steps of their lovely home to be in Redding. Thanks so much for working with us! I think you are really going to love that home.

A rose from this home's extensive gardens

A rose from this home’s extensive gardens. Click to enlarge.

Young House Love ~ 1 young family + 1 old house = love

Here’s a young couple that started a blog about their remodel, that grew into a book, that grew into a career. They have a unique style:

“I’m Sherry Petersik. He’s my husband John. We live in Richmond, Virginia and this blog is basically our DIY diary. Over five years ago it started as a hobby and over 2,500 posts later, it slowly grew into our full time job (no one is more surprised about that than we are)”

Click on the image to go to their blog. Owning a house can be a fun journey. When filled with style and art, a house becomes a home.
Young House Love

Houzz offers innovative home design ideas to make your own

Awesome creative interior designHouzz is the most innovative design portfolio we’ve ever seen. Erin and I went to a conference and heard a presentation by the founder. This site is brilliant. You can click around and look at amazing photography of the most intriguing home design to be found anywhere. See something you really like? Click to add it to your portfolio. Accumulate some terrific design ideas to implement or show. In the past, you might have had to acquire dozens of magazines and tore out the pages you like. Not with Houzz. Make it your own. A simple and elegant idea implemented with style. Check out Houzz. Remember, you saw it here at Redding Homes Blog.
Images by Skip Murphy