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Sold! Former Mayor of Redding’s home in NW Redding


Front3The seller received multiple offers on this home. It was a pleasure to photograph, and it generated a lot of interest. Listen to what the seller had to say about our work:

Thanks Mary! We helped Bill and Mary Stegall relocate closer to family by selling their Redding home. And we also saved them thousands of dollars when compared to traditional home listing programs using our 1% listing plan.

We list and sell Redding area homes for just 1%. Listing in the Shasta MLS starts at just $495. We have a great track record of success, and solid testimonials about working with The Address Realty like this one from an individual well known in our community.

Although we charge less, sellers receive only top-tier real estate brokerage services. We post listings online everywhere home buyers are looking. Our photography is second to none. Why pay more?


We have a solid track record of success at selling homes in the Redding area. Find out more with a no-obligation call.

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A brief testimonial about The Address Realty

We met Jack through our membership with the Redding Chamber of Commerce.

He and his family then sold a rental home using our brokerage. They were so pleased with our real estate services, they used us again to sell their personal home.

Repeat clients are a very good sign, we must be doing something right!

We list and sell homes in the Redding area for just 1%. No-compromise home selling service starts at just $495.

Thanks Jack. Real people. Real results. The Address Realty.


A nice review for The Address Realty services

Always pleasing┬áto see a nice review of our work appear on Zillow. We know some brokerages initiate these anonymous reviews by the truckload, but we don’t engage in that practice. If you see an online review of our brokerage anywhere but our website (or this blog), our client put it there without us even asking. ┬áThank you Overcomer55!


“No nonsense business model.” A high compliment in our view.

Sold! We sell yet another home in The Bluffs in Redding!

A gorgeous Redding view!
River-in-Redding640The view from the second floor bedroom. We helped Linda sell her Condo in The Bluffs in Redding, and she was kind enough to share her testimonial about our work.BackLindaThe best part of this transaction was meeting Linda, and her first-time homebuyers Michael and Rebecca, and their kids. What a spectacular setting for your first home!

At The Address Realty, we help real people sell their homes for a 1% brokerage fee, and with no compromise in quality or service. We do that by not charging for things that Redding area home sellers don’t need. Find out more at

Keep more of your money!

Sold! Condo on The Bluffs of Redding

Condos come up for sale infrequently in The Bluffs community of Redding. That’s why we were so excited to get this listing. In fact, the seller had lived in 1930 Bechelli Lane for 15 years, and only moved to another unit also in The Bluffs.
ClubhouseThe seller was so pleased with our work, and at having saved thousands of dollars in the listing costs, that he gave us a $500 tip after closing! It’s a little hard to read, but the check says “Skip/Thanks for your service.” The seller sent this to us after having paid us 1% to sell his condo. Thank you, Dan!
Thank you check for Bluffs condo saleWho do you know that’s selling a Redding area home? We offer full service listing for 1%. Listing starts at just $495. We get most of our clients by word of mouth. Help us spread the word.Sign

Sold! Home in Redding for just 2% + $495

Just 47 days from Listed to Closed. The seller had tried to sell his home himself with no luck. Watch what he said about working with The Address Realty.


We sell homes in the Redding California area and charge only 1%. Listing starts at $495. If we represent the buyer and the seller in a transaction, the cost goes up to 2%.

2%! We don’t know any other local brokerage offering that rate. All with no compromise quality of services. Is your house next?
With sign

Client testimonial for The Address Realty

An often disappointing aspect of helping home sellers is that we meet great clients like Sam and his family, and then help them move away! Before leaving, he paused briefly to let us record his actual results using our listing services, and for his kindness we are very thankful. A little out of focus, but the message is clear enough. Best wishes to you and your family Sam. Thanks for letting us be of service.


A brief testimonial video from Norma and Rosa

Norma came here many years ago from Cuba. She arrived in the U. S. with virtually nothing. She is now homeowner of this lovely home in Redding, via a foreclosure sale through Freddie Mac. Norma has that certain quiet dignity. A characteristic of her generation, which has witnessed so much change. But no matter what goes on around her, the constant in her world is devotion to family, and working tirelessly to make her dreams for a better life come true. I feel very privileged to have met them both. And so glad to have helped. Thanks ladies!